Fresh designs for the Brewhouse
and Taproom

Fresh prints

High Quality photos for decor in the bar, home and more
available in unisex sizing up to 5xl

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communication is key

All orders are printed and fulfilled by USA printshop manufacturers, these are huge operations that send out millions of orders everyday. They make it possible for entrepreneurs to create, sell and bring value to every customer, and run their businesses too. Kicks and Kegs is in communication with our printing partners every step of the way to ensure the design quality is consistent and the orders are fulfilled. We treat people how we want to be treated.

what is my why?

Designing apparel is something I never gave much thought to, until I realized how much of what we wear correlates to what we care about.

As a craft beer professional I live and work in brewery swag, almost exclusively. I feel good about wearing something that I designed that also lets people know "I like craft beer". Wearing a design made by me tells the world you like craft beer, you care about what you drink, and what you put on your back.

Robyn M.W.G

Thanks for your support!